Famous Street Foods of India You Must Try

Author : Odisha Today Bureau | Posted on: 2019-03-19

Street food is popular all over the world, be it a hot dog or pani puri. But nothing can beat the variety of street food in India. Food and beverages that are usually sold on streets by hawkers and vendors in portable stalls and carts is what is termed as street food. Simple yet exotic flavours make Indian street food different and our all-time favourite. No matter where we are, be it a flea market, a mall or at Haldiram's, we always indulge in street food. No outing is ever complete without some chaat or egg rolls or pakode.  Made with a melange of exotic spices and ingredients, Indian street food is one of its kinds. Apart from Indians, a lot of foreign travellers swear by Indian street food as well. If you happen to be a die-hard street food lover who just cannot resist the urge of digging into roadside delights, then this article is going to tantalise your taste buds in just no time.

Chhole Bhature: Chole bhature (Hindi: छोले भटूरे, Punjabi: ਛੋਲੇ ਭਟੂਰੇ), is a dish from the Punjab region in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. This Punjabi dish is a combination of chana masala (spicy white chickpeas) and bhatura, fried bread made from maida flour (soft wheat).  Chole bhature is often eaten as a breakfast dish, sometimes accompanied with lassi, however, it is a common  street food or a complete meal, and may be accompanied by, for example, onions, carrot pickle, green chutney and achhar.


Aloo Tikki/ Aloo Chat: Aloo tikki is a snack originating from the Indian subcontinent; in North Indian. It is made out of boiled potatoes, peas, and various curry spices. "Aloo" means potato, and the word "tikki" means a small cutlet or croquette in Hindi and Marathi.  It is served hot and warm along with a side of saunth, tamarind and coriander-mint sauce, and sometimes yogurt or chick peas. It is a vegetarian alternative, and an Indian equivalent of the hash brown.



Vada Pav: Batata vada neatly placed between buns with spicy powder and chutney is the secret of the amazing taste of this Indian burger.


Dahi Puri: The Marathi bhai of Delhi chaat papdi, dahi puri is the best way to soothe your palate. The semi puffed pooris with the sweetness of curd and tangy chutney is the perfect way to treat yourself.



Poha-Jalebi: Indori Poha (Poha of Indore) is a type of flattened (beaten) rice that is likely to have originated in the Indian metropolis of Indore. It contains cooked Poha (flattened rice) and is usually served with a unique combination of Jalebi (called Poha-Jalebi combined), Sev, Usal, sliced onions and funnel seeds.


Litti Chokha: Straight from the streets of Patna, litti chokha is made with sattu and can be enjoyed with aloo, baingan bharta and curd. It is popular in Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh as well as Nepalese state of Madhesh.


Jhal Muri: Jhal muri is a popular street food of Kolkata, which is made using puffed rice and masalas. This is the perfect on-the-go snack, which is easily available at almost all nook and corners of the city. What makes this street food item different from the others is it pungent taste, which is there because of the presence of raw mustard oil in it.



Kachori: Made from maida, these deep fried kachoris come with different fillings: onion, peas, potato and dal. They taste delicious with pudina (Mint leaves) or imli (Tamarine) chutney.



Kathi Rolls: Hot and delicious egg rolls are mouth-watering tasty snacks sold on the street sides of Kolkata. If you've been there and not had 'the roll', your visit was incomplete.


Pav Bhaji: Pav bhaji is a street food favourite of many for all the good reasons. Spicy, hot and flavourful bhaji served with butter-oozing pavs - pav bhaji is one such street food in the state of Maharashtra, which is loved by locals and tourists at the same time. The perfect blend of a myriad variety of veggies along with exotic spices is what makes this delight different from the rest. Squeeze a little lemon juice on the bhaji and you're done for the day.

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Rajesh Dash
Looks yummy.... Delicious!!!!!
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