Now an Indian Professor Makes Petrol from Plastic and its Cheaper than the Petrol Price in the Market

Author : Odisha Today Bureau | Posted on: 2019-06-27

The most daring purchase in today’s day and age is oil. It’s expensive, it’s non-renewable and it’s easily the most-required resource we have today.


It’s a known fact that with every passing budget, oil prices, especially fuel prices go up, giving inflation a boost every year.


But what if we told you, fuel could be bought at INR 40 a litre? You obviously wouldn’t believe us, would you?


A Hyderabad-based mechanical engineer (45-year-old) has done wonders by making petrol out of used plastic and now he is selling it at Rs 40 per litre.


Professor Satish Kumar had founded a company registered with the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises told media that he made petrol with the help of a 3 step process known as plastic pyrolysis.


Kumar told media, “The process helps recycle plastic into diesel, aviation fuel and petrol. About 500-kg of non-recyclable plastic can produce 400 litres of fuel. It is a simple process which requires no water and doesn’t release wastewater. Neither does it pollute the air as the process happens in a vacuum.”


Professor Satish has converted 50 tonnes of ‘end-life’ plastic which can’t be recycled into petrol and at his present his company is producing 200 litre of petrol a day out 200 kg of plastic and the company sells it to the local industries for Rs 40 to 50 a litre.


The fuel is being used by industries, but it is yet to be tested whether it works in vehicles.


Except for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), all other kind of plastics can used to make petrol and no segregation.


Satish said, “Our main aim behind starting this plant is to help the environment. We are not expecting commercial benefits. We are only trying to do our bit to ensure a cleaner future. We are ready to share our technology with any interested entrepreneur.”

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