Horoscope for March 7, 2019

Author : Odisha Today Bureau | Posted on: 2019-03-07


You can evaluate people and situations swiftly and accurately but need to act graciously. You can clear a misunderstanding with an old friend. Be aware to break through the cage of conditioning and reach the truth of your own heart to see life as it really is. Lucky number 6. Colour blue. 


Unpredictable events and happenings need to be viewed from a higher perspective today. Let go restricting relationships and work situations to move into a more free and creative environment. A change of lifestyle is good for your well-being and success. Lucky number 13. Colour crimson. 


Travel arrangements and schedules are revised! You are total, creative and completely absorbed in your work at this point. Slow and steady wins the race! You make a breakthrough in old emotional patterns and release yourself from restricting relationships. Lucky number 5. Colour yellow. 


You are a whirling force of activity with busy schedules. You display strength and courage in the face of trouble and come through a crisis successfully. You are single-pointed and total in your approach to everything, be it loving relationships or projects. Lucky number 1. Colour green. 


Be realistic and practical today! This is a time of growth and detachment with the end of a delusion. You begin to see reality and the truth about relationships and professional ventures. This is a day of endings and new beginnings and accepting the challenges. Lucky number 10. Colour red. 


You need to drop comparison and rivalry in relationships and competition in professional aspects as they lead to a feeling of inadequacy and stress. When your head and heart pull you in different directions, be aware and listen to your heart and intuition. Lucky number 5. Colour green. 


You are becoming more available to opportunities for enjoyment of life and sharing your happiness with others. Creative ideas and views are expressed and noted, as you are aware and creative in professional situations. Health problems must not be neglected. Lucky number 3. Colour deep red. 


You are able to make peace in professional and personal conflicts with a generous and giving attitude. Beware of pity, waste and dissipation as you can be overloaded with work emotion, or responsibility. Progress and spiritual growth depend on positive changes. Lucky number 10. Colour red. 


You tend to be romantic and dreamy while celebrating with family and old friends. Beware of deluding yourself about situations as emotions cloud your vision and obscure the truth. Sensitivity, compassion and intuition are the qualities that shine forth now. Lucky number 6. Colour blue. 


Endings and new beginnings are on the cards! You go around mental blocks and conditioning to express true feelings in relationships and original ideas in creative ventures. Family ties and friendships are stretched and tested. New fitness regimes are helpful. Lucky number 16. Colour red. 


You are able to deal with people in power, control or government with ease and aplomb. A short and important trip is on the cards! You may take on added responsibilities at work and at home, which you are able to handle with ease. Be aware of rashness. Lucky number 4. Colour yellow. 


You make good plans and take calculated steps towards completing a project. You have to be true to yourself whatever it takes. A practical approach is best. Plans for a trip need to be made. You take command of your own life and make changes in your lifestyle. Lucky number 2. Colour blue.

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