“In the 2019 Lok Sabha Election BJD Will Win All 21 LS Seats”

Author : Prasant Kumar | Posted on: 2019-03-24

“In the forthcoming Lok Sabha election of 2019 BJD will win all 21 LS seats.” This is what Naveen Patnaik said in the massive election rally at Nayagarh. Kick-starting the election campaign of his party the party supremo and current Chief Minister Mr. Patnaik expressed his feelings in the rally asserting that BJD is going to outperform its own record of 2014, in which BJD party has won 20 LS seats and as many as 114 assembly seats.


He further said that in the upcoming government formation at the centre after election of 2019, BJD will play a key role. In fact, BJD may end up in becoming a king-maker in the context of NDA, led by PM Modi, falling short of few numbers. It must be mentioned here that irrespective of the posturing that the two parties make here in Odisha politics, Naveen has always enjoyed good rapport with the BJP leadership at the centre and they also had to take the support of Mr. Naveen from time to time on many legislative issues such as to pass some important Bills. In the last Presidential election also, Naveen supported the NDA nominee of Sri Ram Nath Kovindji.


While criticising the NDA govt at the centre Naveen alleged that before 2014 LS election BJP leadership had promised to give special category status to Odisha, but after coming to power at the centre the BJP govt, and particularly Mr. Modi, forgot the said promise. He exhorted the audience that on this issue of step-motherly treatment of the central govt towards Odisha, BJD will continue to fight and keep its struggle going, to protect the interest of Odisha and Odia people.


He reminded the people of Nayagarh that on the issue of Mahanadi river water also the central govt has done injustice to the people of Odisha. The centre has helped the Chhattisgarh govt to stop the water of Mahanadi river that comes to Odisha, he accused further. He also complained that the central railway is collecting a whopping 20,000 crore of rupees from Odisha, yet it is only spending a pittance here, i.e., a mere 1000 crore.

The state leadership of BJP in Odisha are keeping mum in spite of knowing every issue of central negligence toward the people of Odisha, he alleged. He complained that the state BJP leaders are acting like remote controlled robots and are ignoring the interests and rights of the Odia people. Finally, Naveen appealed the people of Odisha to vote for BJD to continue his fight for the cause of Odisha and to take forward his government’s people centric development programmes.

Thousands of people attended the rally and supported and cheered their leader.  


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Lusi sinha
In Odisha, BJD will win all the 21 Lok Sabha seats ....
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