Feeding Pigeons Is Equal to Harming Them

Author : Odisha Today Bureau | Posted on: 2019-01-15

There is a habit among people living in cities to feed pigeons. People buy bajra (peart millet) rice/paddy etc. and feed it to the pigeons. Sometimes our astrologers and pandits also tell us to feed pigeons for profit in business and getting promotion in jobs etc. But this is not the right thing. Pigeons should not be fed by us. The reason is that the pigeon (Blue rock pigeon) is a natural scavenger. It feeds on small insects and files. If we keep on feeding them, their population will drastically increase. If their population increases, then the population of other species of birds like myna and sparrows will decrease and the blue rock pigeon population will explode to an unimaginable extent. In fact that is already happening. This is the first reason why pigeons should not be fed.

Secondly, there is another danger associated with it. The droppings (excreta) of such pigeons are highly acidic. The chemicals in the excreta of blue rock pigeons can cause asthma. If in our home people are suffering from asthma or bronchitis, it could be because of pigeon droppings on your balcony or terrace. When the droppings dry out, the air passing over them carries harmful chemicals with it. When we breathe-in this air, we get such diseases. The natural habitats of pigeons is stone facing, cliffs and even buildings. But we are helping increasing their population too much. It is better if everything stays within a balance. So people will be doing better by not feeding them. But even some people for some emotional or astrological reasons want to do something for the pigeons, then they may very well keep water bowls for them in the terrace or balcony. Because water is also scarce in the cities. This is not only good for the health of the people but for the health of pigeons too. It is not even good for their digestive system and stomachs. So feeding pigeons is not good for the species and also for other species. 


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Puspa Jena
I do not think so.....
Anamika Acharya
Is it really true ??
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