A Sort of World Record: 27-Year-Old Woman Has Visited Every Country on Earth

Author : OdishaTodayBureau | Posted on: 2019-05-31

Cassie De Pecol, traveler from Connecticut, just became the fastest person to visit every country in the world.

She is also the first documented woman to visit every sovereign nation.


For some travel is an expedition, for some it’s a mission; for this young lady it is both.


Cassie, 27-year-old is determined to leave her mark behind in every country of the world and she is almost there.

Cassie wants to make a mark in the Guinness world record for visiting all 196 countries on the planet in shortest time span and so far she has visited 181 countries and is unstoppable, since 2015.


Moreover, she has just fifteen countries left to visit in 40 days to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to travel to all Sovereign States (plus an additional 11 countries).

Cassie’s amazing journey is in itself an expedition with a mission and she has aptly named it Expedition196. She is not just a traveler but also Ambassador for Peace on behalf of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.


The trip has cost almost $200,000 so far but the costs are covered by sponsors.


Cassie travels everywhere with her camera and shares her experience through mesmerizing pictures on her Instagram profile.

She captures prominent parts about each place that she visits. The traveler expresses and reveals why experiencing each country is so critical and yet so beautiful.


Cassie’s expedition will reach its end point in just more 40 days but afterthe legacy of her journey, the stories of travel and the pictures from her visits will continue to inspire people for many many years to come.


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