Mamta’s Bengal Turned Lalu’s Bihar? TMC Goons Attacked Amit Shah’s Roadshow

Author : Odisha Today Bureau | Posted on: 2019-05-15

BJP's Chandra Kumar Bose accused the Trinamool party for the violence that erupted in Amit Shah's roadshow in West Bengal's capital city on Tuesday evening.


Shah's roadshow took a dramatic turn of events after voilent clashes broke out as goons hurled sticks at the BJP president's truck, waved black flags and torched vehicles.


While addressing the media, the BJP's South Kolkata candidate and grandnephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose accused the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of running a "terror brigade" and compared her party to a "terrorist organisation".


He said, "Today politically Mamata Banerjee has lost the battle, she is resorting to violence. She has built up a goon brigade, a terror bridage and today there is no difference between a terror organisation and Trinamool".


"Trinamool workers go around in different areas and beat up BJP workers. She has murdered about 100 people, BJP activists since the Panchayat elections," he added.

Bose furthermore pointed out how the Trinamool party ranks top when it comes to "political violence".


He said, "On May 19, people of South Kolkata and West Bengal will give a befitting reply to the terror politics. Today bricks and stones were thrown, bikes were burnt. We are not here to fight and cause mayhem, we have taken a political rally, how can they just attack us"?


Union Minister Prakash Javadekar also lashed out at the Trinamool for the violence that erupted at BJP president Amit Shah's rally in West Bengal's capital city.

"She does not know what politics is all about. She is running an autocratic rule. There is not even internal democracy in the Trinamool, all of them are literally scared of her, but in South Kolkata nobody is scared of her," he added. 


Responding to the dramatic violence, the Union Minister said that the BJP will "not tolerate" and that will defeat the goonism democratically, furthermore said that the Election Commission needs to intervene.


He said, "Mamata is losing, BJP is coming and that is why the goonism and violence erupted.  This will not go on. I just heard right now that the Police themselves are pressing the Trinamool Congress button, voters are not allowed to vote. BJP will not tolerate the violence that happened today, whatever has to be done for the democracy of the country will be done".


BJP chief Amit Shah has narrated the sequence of events that saw his roadshow in Kolkata coming under attack on Tuesday evening.


After the roadshow to spoke to the media, “See, the manner in which BJP's roadshow was being supported, for 8 km, there was no place to stand. There was so much support. Frustrated by this, Mamata didi's party Trinamool's goons attacked. The attack began at a medical college that was just 200m away from my rath. There was an attempt to trigger a stampede".


He added, "Despite this, BJP supporters ensured that the roadshow continued for the remaining hour and ended at the designated spot. I condemn the violence that Mamata Banerjee's party is perpetrating. I appeal to the people of West Bengal that they answer the violence with peace and high turnout at polls, and bring an end to this cycle of violence by removing the Trinamool".


The rally started at around 4.30 PM from Esplande area in central Kolkata to Swami Vivekananda's house in north Kolkata. Shah stood atop a decorated truck along with BJP's North Kolkata and South Kolkata candidates Rahul Sinha and Chandra Kumar Bose respectively and was seen waving at the crowds.


In an attempt to the disrupt the roadshow, the goons began attacking the Police along with that, waved  black flags, held placards and raised anti-BJP slogans right outside the University of Calcutta.


According to on-ground witnesses, the alleged supporters of various political parties were seen throwing bricks and bottles. The witnesses further said that many of them have been seriously injured during the clash.


Soon after, a scuffle broke out between the micreants and the BJP workers, following which the Police resorted to lathi-charge.


As per inputs, the roadshow which had involved hundreds of BJP supporters and had kicked off amidst much fanfare had come under attack as it passed Calcutta University. At that point, while some of those opposing the BJP chief's presence raised black flags and hurled anti-BJP slogans, others allegedly threw stones and bottles.

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