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North Korea National Poll 2019: Turnout Almost 100 Percent, Results Pre-decided

Author : Odisha Today Bureau | Posted on: 2019-03-13

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is widely known as a country that keeps its political affairs tightly under the wraps and maintains high level of secrecy about it from the international media. As a result of this remarkable amount of secrecy, people world over may have questions about how politics take place in the northern Korean peninsula, including how its elections work.


The election held on March 10 this year for the Supreme People's Assembly, generally considered by the critics as the country’s rubber-stamp legislature, is the second to take place after leader Kim Jong Un ascended to power in 2011 who is serving as the Chairman of WPK (Workers’ Party of Korea), party which dominates the politics, since 2012.

An election is held every five years in the communist country for the legislature. There is only one approved name on each of the ballot papers. Voters theoretically could cross out the name before casting the ballot, however, that is not known to have happened in last few decades.

Article 67 of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
states: "Citizens are guaranteed freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, demonstration and association. The State shall guarantee conditions for the free activity of democratic political parties and social organizations.” But the whole world knows that such rights are hardly available in practice.


In North Korea citizens who are17 years of age or older are required to vote.

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