Former President Sri Pranab Mukherjee Praised the People of Odisha and Their Spirit and Skill

Author : Odisha Today Bureau | Posted on: 2019-03-16

Yesterday the former President of India attended Odisha Mahostav and speaking on the occasion he praised the spirit and maritime legacy of the people of Odisha.

“People of Odisha are known for their entrepreneurship skills all over the world. Its maritime exercises started 2500 years ago,” said Mukherjee, while addressing a gathering at Odisha Mahostav here.

“To my mind, the festival of Odisha Mahostav is quite relevant. Odisha has a rich history in various fields. I pay homage to the early entrepreneurs of Odisha who harnessed indigenous technologies and methods to the keep the culture alive,” he further added.

Speaking about the trade carried out through Odisha in ancient times, he elaborated, “There are references in Buddhist manuscripts which mentions about the various maritime activities carried out through Odisha in ancient times, starting from the ship building to sailing.”

“The Greek and Roman authors and a host of archaeological discoveries mentions emphatically about the high sea trade between Odisha and the neighbouring countries. Fourteenth century Chinese coins were also found near the major port of Odisha, hinting the overseas trade,” added Mukherjee.

The former President of India also asserted that Odisha Mahostav truly showed the rest of the world about the indomitable spirit of the Odia people to carry forward their great and rich legacy.  

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