This Dutch Football Stadium Creates Its Own Energy And Stores It In Electric Car Batteries

Author : Odisha Today Bureau | Posted on: 2019-01-20

The Netherlands’ national football stadium runs on solar power. The groundbreaking venue has 4200 solar panels on its roof. Making it less reliant on harmful diesel generations. It also has one of Europe’s largest energy storage systems. 148 electric car batteries keep excess power generated by the stadium. So it can support the national grid when needed. And supply 7,000 households for an hour. Nearly half of the batteries have been pre-used making the stadium part of the circular economy in which all used goods are repurposed. Storing energy enables the stadium to take less from the grid during peak times. The venue hosts two million visitors every year. 

It’s main purpose is to deliver back-up power to the stadium in case of outages or during heavy use. But as well as providing a reliable source of sustainable energy, it will also relieve pressure on the Dutch electricity grid during concerts and other bit energy-consuming events. Lithium-ion batteries can continue to store electricity for years after they are taken off the roads, and several carmakers including Nissan are working on projects to repurpose EV cells for home energy storage.

A massive energy storage system that includes new and used electric vehicle (EV) batteries has just been switched on at Amsterdam’s Johan Cruijft Arena, the home of Dutch football club Ajax. 

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